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Graphics for a Student Choreography

This was a piece for a Student Choreography that was shown in the school


Brain Crane
(Silver Key Award)

This is a personal piece I made and it was submitted to the schoolastic competition and was both admitted and won a silver key award. 


MPOP Poster for MAS Show

This is a poster made for a Musical show shown at the school


Van Goh Starry Night Digital Recreation

This was an assignment which asked that you recreate a famous painting from a list that was given.


Remaking of Pink Floyd Record and Record Sleeve Graphics

This was an assignment that we needed to recreate all the graphics needed for an album and record sticker. 


Some of these pieces were made when I first learned photoshop This is made to show the progress ive made trough the years 

Website Updates

- A new piece in the "In Progress page"
- Refreshed website images and website layout

- Logo Update 



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